Welcome EP1 Red parents and guardians. My name is teacher Chaz. (2016)

 Chaz Teacher


Kingdom of Thailand Teacher’s License

* Post Graduate Certificate in Education International (P.G.C.E.I)

(Focus on Primary ESL Learners)

The University of Nottingham

Thai Culture Certificate

The University of Payap

TEFL Certificate

* BA (Honours) English Literature with Creative Writing

The University of Derby

* A-Levels in English Language, English Literature and Biology

Dear Parents and guardians,

My name is Teacher Chaz and I am the English Programme primary 1 teacher (first grade) for EP1 Red, here at Varee Chiangmai School.


I have worked at Varee Chiang Mai School for over 8 years now.

I started working at Varee Chiang Mai School within the Kindergarten department where I was a teacher, for in excess of 2 years.


Many parents may already be familiar with me because I would have taught their child before.

I am now coming towards the end of my sixth year teaching as an English programme homeroom teacher.

My passion is the English language, especially creative writing and poetry.

I would just like to say, that I am incredibly grateful for all of the support and comments I have received, from ep1 red parents and guardians during these past 5 years!


I am from the United Kingdom.


Flag of The United Kingdom

teacher Chaz

Kindergarten 1 introduction to letter formations.


Having fun outside with Kindergarten 2 using music.

varee school

Kindergarten 3 ‘Graduation’ Day (very proud).

I am an interdisciplinary educator who facilitates my pupils to make their own connections between all the subjects I teach.  

I teach English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Career and Technology, Information Technology and Art to the same class of children.

My pedagogical ethos has always been to create stimulating lessons which, not only hold the interest of the children I teach but also empower them with confidence, so that they can then carry out tasks as individuals, or in groups with minimal guidance.

I constantly engage my pupils in a variety of different ways and to achieve this I avoid the over reliance on a single ‘learning theory’ or indeed teaching approach, as I sincerely believe I would be restricting their educational development by doing so.


Ep1 red integrated Social and Art class about the Arctic habitat with Lucky.

teacher chaz

teacher chaz

The ultimate premise behind all of my teaching is that my pupils, will be able to take and apply what they have learnt in my classroom, to then help them continue to learn new skills and concepts in others.

ep1 red

EP1 Red integrated Science and Art lesson on different materials.

Teacher Chaz

Miss. Ajarn Varee Patravanich (Director and Owner of Varee Chiang Mai School) with Teacher Chaz.

‘I truly, madly and deeply love teaching and I find every single working day to be an immensely satisfying, extremely rewarding and tremendously challenging experience!’

I am very proud and honoured to have worked at Varee Chiangmai School for such a long and hugely enjoyable time.


Varee Kindergarten annual performance (The Little Mermaid.)

I am especially proud of and astounded by the creative writing my pupils have produced independently, every year.

Please click below to view their imaginative works!



Example of unassisted creative writing, after only 7 months of learning English in ep1 red!!

I am extremely familiar with the University of Cambridge Young Learners ESOL examinations, for which I have successfully prepared my past pupils for, and whom have achieved outstanding results.

(These assessments were carried out by an external team of Cambridge ESOL examiners.)

I am exceptionally proud of my pupils, whom have achieved so highly in the Cambridge English Young Learners’ Assessments.

‘To be able to teach my pupils to a globally recognised standard and for them to achieve so highly in these assessments, has been one of the many high points of my teaching career!!!’

I will always do my very best to ensure that my students continue to learn English in fun and varied ways.

Teacher Chaz

Ep1 Red Health Lesson On Different Food Groups.

Finally, I am always available to talk to during school hours so, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about your child then, please do not hesitate to approach me as I will be happy to help you!

Teacher Chaz

My Very Last Day Teaching in the Kindergarten Department.

 Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.

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Varee Chiangmai International School, Primary Sports Day with EP1 Red (January 2016)

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red VCIS parents and guardians,

Today was the Varee Chiangmai International School primary sports day.

Below are a few images of the winners.

Kru Kae and I are extremely proud!!!

Tomorrow the children of ep1 red will be going to the 700 year stadium to support and cheer for the participants. There will be a cheer leading pageant, dance choreography competition, teachers’ races, school parade and much much more.

The children will not need to bring their big school bags nor their learning materials.

Could parents please ensure that their child comes to school with a small bag (not their usual big school bag), some pocket money and 3 small bottles of water.

Parents are welcome to join in the fun from 3pm.

Finally the whole day is expected to end at around 5pm, so we would like parents and guardians to pick up their children from the 700 year stadium at this time.

It would be a good idea to come maybe about 40 minutes before this time.

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.


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Spelling Lists 9 10 and 11

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

Listed below are the spelling words/sentences for the next 2 weeks for all Varee Chiangmai School English Programme 1 pupils.

Each spelling test will take place every Friday.

Spelling test 9 will take place next Friday the 24th of July.

Writing Clip Art

The results of these spelling tests will go towards part of your child’s overall mid-term 1, end of term 1, mid term 2 and end of year, English language assessment scores.

Practicing the weekly spelling words/sentences is part of your child’s daily homework and as such should be overseen by you.

ep1 red

The EP1 teachers will practice the words with your child at school as well.

All of the spelling words are carefully chosen and are always related to what the children of ep1 are learning in their various English subjects.

The spelling words/sentences will gradually increase in complexity as the weeks progress in ep1.

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.

Spelling List 9

take a shower

put my clothes on

eat my breakfast

brush my teeth

get up

go to school

wake up

brush my hair

pack my school bag


Yes it is.

No it isn’t.

Spelling List 10













Spelling List 11

What’s your name?

What is your name?

My name is _______ .

How old are you?

I am _______ years old.

I’m ________ years old.

they are


What’s this?

What is this?

that is


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Summer Camp 2015 with the New EP1 Red Pupils

varee chiangmai school

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

I hope you enjoy the images of the children during Varee Chiangmai School Summer Camp 2015.

There will be more images to follow during the next few weeks.

Please click on the pictures below to make them larger.

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.



DSC08846 DSC08847 DSC08848 DSC08849 DSC08850 DSC08851 DSC08852 ??????????????????????????????? DSC08854 DSC08855 DSC08856 DSC08857 DSC08858 DSC08859 DSC08860 DSC08861 DSC08862 DSC08863  DSC08866 DSC08867 DSC08868 DSC08869 DSC08870 DSC08871 DSC08872 DSC08873


DSC08874 DSC08875 DSC08876 DSC08877 DSC08878 DSC08879 DSC08880 DSC08881 DSC08882 DSC08883 DSC08884 DSC08885 DSC08886 DSC08887 DSC08888 DSC08889 DSC08890 DSC08891 DSC08892 DSC08893 DSC08894 DSC08895 DSC08896 DSC08897 DSC08898 DSC08899 DSC08900 DSC08901  DSC08903 DSC08904  DSC08906 DSC08907 DSC08908 DSC08909 DSC08910 DSC08911 DSC08912 DSC08913 DSC08914 DSC08915

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Sorry I am not teaching ep2 next year (2015)


Dear EP1 Red Parents and Guardians,

I have received e-mails from some of you asking why I am not teaching EP2 next academic year, as it has been presumed this will be the case.

I am very flattered that parents are excited to hear that I will be teaching their child for a second year but unfortunately this is not the case.

I have also had e-mails from parents asking why their child will not be in the EP1 Summer Camp Programme.



Varee Chiangmai School Summer Camp 2015

This is because your children will be progressing on to EP2 very soon, so they will be in the EP2 Summer Camp Programme.

Finally, I will be involved in the Varee Chiangmai School Summer Camp however, I will be teaching my new class of  ‘2015’, EP1 Red pupils.

teacher Chaz

The ep1 red girls (Summer Camp 2014)


teacher Chaz

The ep1 red boys (Summer Camp 2014)

Again I am very flattered that I have been contacted by you with these questions.

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Kind regards………….Teacher Chaz.

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Cambridge Young Learners, English Starter Assessments 2015

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

The Cambridge Young Learners English (YLE) assessments will take place on Wednesday the 11th of February 2015, here at Varee Chiangmai School.

Please note that these assessments are completely separate from the End of Year school assessments.

Shortly after completing the tests the EP1 children will receive their prestigious, University of Cambridge English certificates.

The assessments are designed to be fair to users of all nationalities and linguistic backgrounds.

teacher chaz

The ep1 teachers will be holding an extracurricular revision day on Tuesday the 10th of February.

These informal practice sessions will start at 9 am and continue on until 1:30 pm.

The children of ep1 can wear what they like on this day.

The extracurricular lessons are free. 

Could parents who are interested in their child attending, please make sure that their child brings a healthy packed lunch.

I sincerely hope that all the pupils of ep1 will be given permission to attend as they will all benefit from the lessons.

For further information about the University of Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) tests, please click on the link below.


If you have any further questions then please feel free to approach teacher Elaine, teacher Sarah or myself.

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.

Secret Santa This Friday the 21st of December

Chaz Teacher

เนื่องจากวันศุกร์ที่ 21 ธันวาคม พ.ศ. 2555


1. เตรียมขนม, เครื่องดื่ม, อาหารว่างมารับประทานร่วมกัน

2. เตรียมจาน, แก้ว, ช้อน, พลาสติกมาด้วย

3. ของขวัญชิ้นแรกมูลค่าขั้นต่ำ100บาทขึ้นไป (ไม่ควรเป็นขนม) *ไม่ได้บังคับนะค่ะ

4. ของขวัญชิ้นที่สองสำหรับบริจาคให้แก่เด็กด้อยโอกาส

5. การแต่งกาย: ในวันศุกร์นี้เราจะมีการแสดงชุด The one that got away อีกครั้งดังนั้นในนักเรียนแต่งชุดวันงานประจำปีหรือหากใครที่ไม่มีให้แต่งชุดตัวละครการ์ตูนที่ชอบ แต่งหน้าทำผมมาให้เรียบร้อยจากบ้านในตอนเช้า


6. มีสอบภาคไทยวันพฤหัสบดี–วันศุกร์ กรุณามาให้ทันเข้าแถว 8.00น.

Dear EP1 Red parents/guardians,

This Friday the 21st of December the children of EP1 Red will be taking part in many fun Christmas activities within the EP1 Red classroom and around the beautiful grounds of Varee Chiangmai School.

One such activity will be the “Secret Santa”.

Tomorrow each child of EP1 Red will be randomly assigned the name of another EP1 Red pupil with the intention to then on  Friday the 21st of December to swap gifts with one another.

Parents are advised not to really spend any  more that 100  Baht on the gift however they are welcome to do so if they so wish.

Kind regards……………….Teacher Chaz.