Useful Link for Atom Size and Scale of the Universe

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

In Science the children have recently finished learning about (states of matter) solids liquids and gases.

The children of ep1 red have just finished learning about Solids Liquids and Gases.

Below is a link to a tool which I used to show the children how small (conceptually) an atom is.

You can use your computer mouse to zoom in to see very small scale things and zoom out to see very large scale things.

Use your mouse to zoom in and zoom out.

The programme also helps the children gain an insight as to the scale of the Universe, which, is also useful as the children are currently learning about the Solar System in Science.

This will be their final Science topic in ep1 red.

The ep1 red children are currently learning about the Solar System.

Please click on the link below and choose ‘ENGLISH’ as the language and then click on ‘START’.

It will take a few seconds to load.

I hope you enjoy it!

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.

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