Thank you very very much EP1 Red parents/guardians for your support and generosity!

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents/guardians,

Kru Mini and I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you who helped us all decorate the EP1 Red classroom!!

A big thank you goes out to Zeta and Ping’s family for providing the Christmas lights.

A special thank you goes to Earng Earng’s parents and Nathan’s family for letting us borrow their beautiful Christmas trees.

Finally I would like to thank Enzo’s parents for buying EP1 Red their very own Christmas tree!

Our classroom now has 4 Christmas trees of different sizes and colours!!!!!!!

Christmas is a time to share and help one another and you have all shown this by helping us make Christmas a little bit more special for our pupils

 teacher chaz

Thank You EP1 Parents and Guardians


Thank you and kind regards………Teacher Chaz.