EP1 Red Learning About Money and The Girls’ New Annual Performance Dresses! (November 2015)

varee chiangmai school

Dear VCIS EP1 Red VCIS parents and guardians,

Below are a few pictures of the children of ep1 red here at Varee Chiangmai International School completing a recent, independent task based around the SOCIAL topic of MONEY.

Also you can see the ep1 red girls trying on their brand new Varee Chiangmai School, Annual Performance dresses!

I think the girls really love them!!

I hope you enjoy the images.

Kind regards…Teacher Chaz.

Independent Money Activity

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The New Annual Performance Dresses Have Finally Arrived!!!!!!!!

20151105_152001 20151105_152238 20151105_152428 20151105_152628

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Your Comments Term 1 (2013)

Teaching in Thailand


Image result for thank you

Kind regards…..Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/10/05 at 7:04 PM | In reply to Ian Buxton(REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Hello Ian,

Thank you for your support and faith in me over these years as I also taught young Benji when I was a kindergarten teacher.
Benji will continue to go from strength to strength because he has such a good family foundation.
I will endeavour to ensure that he continues to remain interested in all the subjects that I teach him!
Thank you once again and I look forward to an equally positive final term.

Kind regards………Teacher Chaz

Submitted on 2013/10/04 at 3:12 AM by Ian Buxton (Benji’s Grandfather)

Hi Chaz
Just a thank you for all the dedication and work you have committed for the first semester. Benji is very happy in class and looks forward to going to school each day. He has made lots of friends and continues to excel in his studies. I have been away quite a lot this year in the UK and am so pleased to see Benji getting the attention he needs at the school combined with the care he receives at home helping him to thrive with his life in all aspects. Please accept my thanks to the great work you do and that you receive the pleasure from the work with the children that you so rightly deserve.

Ian Grandfather Benji

Submitted on 2013/10/05 at 6:59 PM | In reply to Cherry 77P(REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Dear Minnie’s Mother,

Thank you very much for your continued support.
Minnie has progressed immensely since starting EP1 Red especially her confidence to speak in English.
I know she will continue to do well because she has your support and guidance.

Kind regards…….Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/10/04 at 12:04 AM by (Minnie’s Mother)

Hello teacher Chez…
One semester ago .
Daughter Minnie had to learn English very well. And attitude towards learning English mission . Like most learned over Thailand say and have confidence in themselves quite well in English class , just four months.
Minnie daughter learn English well. Speaking , reading , writing , vocabulary learning is excellent . Scores each time with joy and excitement

Thanks very much teacher chez.Excellent teachers. Semester 1 ago.

Mother, Minnie.

Submitted on 2013/09/30 at 11:33 PM by (Trong’ Mother)

Dear T.Chaz,

The 1st semester just passed by and I’m very happy to share you that my little Trong had changed a lot. From the old day in his preschool he often asked me not to take him to school but this year in EP1 Red once the end of term 1 is reached, he told me that he don’t want the school close and he’d like to go to school everyday :) . And he often shared me that he love to study with T.Chaz in every subjects and sometime he imitated to be T.Chaz at home while I was acted as his pupil (from his acting I also able to imagine how energetically you are while being with them and why all children love you). I remembered that from his 1st school day at EP1 Red, he can’t understood the simple question like; what’s your surname or what’s your nick name? And you used to told me that don’t worry he will able to understand & communicate in English at the end of term 1 and even improve his norm of slow-working and at that time I’m hardly to believe in you but today you already proved that. Even though Trong English skill including other abilities may not good as good as other pupil in EP1 Red but he has great improvement beyond my expectation and I’m really happy that I made the right decision to bring him to you….. Thank you very much … Trong Mom.

Submitted on 2013/10/03 at 8:39 PM | In reply to Trong’s mom. (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Dear Trong’s Mother,

Thank you so much for your beautiful comment,  it has made me feel very happy!

Thank you also for your faith and trust in me from the very day your son started EP1 Red.

Trong will continue to do well in EP1 Red because he has your guidance and support.

In my opinion he is now an extremely confident and able pupil who is very happy in learning anything new.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing you both very soon.

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/08/15 at 1:57 PM by (Minnie’s Mom)

Hello teacher Chaz. Thank you for teaching phonics. Minnie pronounce English very well.Thank you very much Mother, Minnie.

Submitted on 2013/08/15 at 5:30 PM | In reply to Cherry 77P(Minnie’s Mom) (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Hello Minnie’s mother. Thank you so much for your positive comment. Minnie has gained a lot of confidence and I know she will do well in my class…..Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/07/30 at 8:53 PM by (Kenny’s Mum)

Hi. T Chaz thanks you for a lovely picture ,Kenny so excited for today in your class, he love lucky so much he talk about lucky all the time ,thanks you so much for a very good experience for Kenny

Submitted on 2013/07/30 at 10:12 PM | In reply to Kenny moms.  (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Dear Kenny’s mom, it is always a joy to teach my pupils but it is even more special when I can teach them with the help of an animal which is very close to my heart and which I truly respect and love. Thank you for your regular comments they are truly appreciated especially this academic year!….Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/07/07 at 2:09 PM by (Minnie’s Mom)

Hello teacher ….Chez

Art the children created beautiful ladybird paper plate puppets.
Is a very good idea.

� Minnie show art for parents.�

**Great art for children**

Thanks so much for the beautiful pictures.

Mom Minnie

Date: Sat, 6 Jul 2013 13:36:47 +0000

Submitted on 2013/07/06 at 9:41 PM by (Trong’ Mother)

This game is simple but it’s really great & efficient. All kids extremely pay their attention & participation on this activity including Trong :) (who sometimes trend to lose his attention easily).

Submitted on 2013/07/06 at 9:12 PM by (Trong’ Mother)

Lovely… ladybird :)
Trong proudly shown me his ladybird as soon as he arrived home on that day :)

Submitted on 2013/06/06 at 7:44 PM by (Trong’s Mother)

Trong enjoyably shared me how he got fun during teacher Chaz class, he really happy to learn with teacher Chaz. Thank you so much.

Submitted on 2013/06/06 at 10:22 PM | In reply to Trong’s Mom. (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

I am very happy with Trong. He is progressing well in my class. Thank you for your comment…….Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/06/06 at 1:03 AM  by (Kenny’s Mum)

Thanks you very much teacher Chaz for a picture I’m very love it ^____^
Kenny’s mom

Submitted on 2013/06/06 at 2:06 PM | In reply to Rattanaluk Khaniyao. (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

You are welcome.

Submitted on 2013/05/28 at 12:51 PM  by (Minnie’s Mom)

Hello teacher Chaz.
Thanks for the information and media teaching. Minnie took the book to school 12 books to the school .. ( must be purchased reuse ? ) ���..
Mamee like the idea that good teaching and excellent teachers. And teach a homework Minnie evening I recommend her love for the classroom. Minnie returned home to play for a day to learn this. (Minnie says funny teacher. Fun learning materials) Minnie would say that I enjoyed the ride back home every day. My daughter is OK to enjoy ( mother – father is OK . too )
Thank you very much
Mamee Cherry.

Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 14:19:16 +0000

Submitted on 2013/05/26 at 12:52 AM  by (Kenny’s Mum)

Hi teather chaz
Kenny finished his homework already. He surprised me since he’d do it by himself without translating the questions to thai. I feel happy to see improvement in his study. Thank you for everything ad I do hope that he’ll get even better in the near future.
Kenny’s mom&dad ^^

Submitted on 2013/04/26 at 2:09 AM by (Kenny’s Mum)

First of all, Thank you very much for informations I really appreciate. I’m Kenny mom name’s Keng. You might know Kenny already. He alway play and talk all the time and can not concentrate in one thing for long time and frightened to do something he never try before Such as English. From you experience I believe that you know how to treat him.I’m quit worry about him. If you have any thing or any suggestion please fell free to let us know
Thank you very much
Kenny’s mom

Submitted on 2013/04/26 at 12:29 PM | In reply to kennymom2013. (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Hello Kenny’s Mom,
Thank you for your introduction. I will of course give you regular feedback regarding your son’s progress.
One very important factor about the Varee Chiangmai School English Programme is the type and amount of home work we give to our pupils on a daily basis.
Home work is extremely important as it allows the children to go over what they have learnt in school. Your support would be extremely appreciated and very beneficial if you would oversee and make sure that Kenny completes his home work every day. Please do not worry about him he will be fine, school has not even started yet! If you have any further questions please feel free to talk to me or E-mail me at my school E-mail address which is ep1@varee.ac.th Kind regards…..Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/04/25 at 10:45 PM by (Kenny’s Dad)

Thank you for all the informations and nice pictures. I’m very glad to know about how my children’s will be treated and learn his lessons and I’m sure that your experience will give him a good English skills.As I told you that Kenny is quite new in Varee and he hardly had any friend from his old school , moreover he has never experienced the EP program class before. Therefore he will be a bit slower but I hope that you and teacher Minnie will look after and find ways to improve his English skill in the near future. If there is anything that I can help or any suggestions please let me know. Thank you very much again.

Submitted on 2013/04/25 at 11:14 PM | In reply to Vorathep Khaniyao. (Kenny’s Dad) (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Thank you for your comment Dr. Pui.
I will do my best for your son and I will keep you informed about his progress and certainly on how you can potentially support him at home with his homework, which will be an important component of his English language development.
Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/04/22 at 11:23 AM by (Minnie’s Mom)

Hello ! Teacher Chez
Mother Cherry. Daughter named Minnie classroom teacher Chez EP1 Red Room. Minnie was shy. Not assertive. . Hardly dare leave my care. Semester Summer Minnie is happy to come to school very much. Was not afraid to come to school.Leave the teachers care.Thank you very much- Cherry – (MOM Minnie)

Submitted on 2013/04/22 at 8:35 PM | In reply to Cherry 77P. (Minnie’s Mom) (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Hello Cherry’s Mother,
I am very happy that your daughter Minnie feels comfortable in my class as this is very important for any child especially one who has recently moved up from Kindergarten. I am happy with her increasing confidence. Thank you very much for your comment…….Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/04/20 at 10:34 PM by (Trong’s Mother)

I’m really enjoy reading your blog, thru this I can see your dedication, the kid looked very funny and happy in the class. I’m so glad that my son have a great chance to be your 2013 pupil (^_^) Kind Regards,

Submitted on 2013/04/21 at 1:09 AM | In reply to Trong’s Mom(REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Hello Trong’s Mother, thank you for your lovely comment. I promise you that I will do my best for your son!….Teacher Chaz.

Submitted on 2013/04/09 at 11:09 PM by (Trong’s Mother)

Dear Teacher Chaz… I like your blog, it’s very nice for parent to get connect with you and follow the class activities thru this channel. Since my son is new entry in EP 1 RED & I’m a bit worry on him on this change however after I read several comments & feedback from last EP 1 parent on this blog, I’m relievable that my son will get well take care from you & hope that he’ll enjoyable & study happily in the class :) … Kind Regards,

Submitted on 2013/04/10 at 7:15 PM | In reply to Trong’s mom. (REPLY BY TEACHER CHAZ)

Dear Trong’s Mother,
Thank you very much for your comment.
Please do not worry about your son Trong, I will do my very best to teach him to read, write and speak in English.
I think it is very natural for a parent to be concerned when their kindergarten child moves up into primary 1, as the routine and learning will be very different however, by February 2014 young Trong will have made immense progress.
Trong will defintely have fun in EP1 Red and he will learn skills and knowledge which will stay with him!
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to me personally or e-mail me.
Kind regards……….Teacher Chaz.

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varee chiangmai school

 Body Parts Group Activity

Summer Camp at Varee Chiangmai School is a much more informal time for the EP1 Red pupils and it is promoted as a mandatory requirement for new EP1 children to attend, as it gives these post-kindergarteners the opportunity to casually ease into the EP1 programme and more importantly to get to know each other and make new long-lasting friendships!
teach in Asia
Science (Integrated with Art) symmetry activity
varee chiangmai school
Daily End of the School Day, ‘Classroom Cleaning’ Activity
varee school

I will aim to put up as many images and posts to ensure that you remain informed about what your child is learning in EP1 Red as well as any other important information, dates or requests.

As you may already be aware the major theme for this years Varee Chiangmai School Summer Camp was ‘ASEAN Adventure’.

 teach in Asia
Flag of ASEAN

The aim of this theme was to not only make the children aware of  the basic concept of ASEAN and the countries which it includes but more importantly, to teach and explore in a basic yet fun way the culture, traditions, foods and indeed popular interests that make up the very different ASEAN nations.

This particular entry of the EP1 Red blog will convey to you only a small portion of what the children have been actually doing during  my 2 weeks teaching/guiding them.

Unfortunately I am unable to write and post images which will include all the  learning activities that your child will take part in during their time in my class. So please keep in mind that this blog is not a comprehensive account of what your child is learning, in fact it will only be somewhat of a ‘snapshot’ of what they are doing on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

The pictures below show the children having to colour the 10 ASEAN country flags correctly and label them accordingly. An activity the majority of the EP1 Red pupils can do without reference.

DSC07321DSC07322 - CopyDSC07323 - CopyDSC07324 - CopyDSC07325 - CopyDSC07326 - CopyDSC07327DSC07328DSC07329DSC07330DSC07332DSC07333

The last thing that children want to do once they have finished their work is nothing! So those who are slightly ahead of their friends are encouraged to choose a book they like and read until the whole class can move onto the next fun activity. Even if at this stage reading in English may not be completely familiar, just connecting images to text is very important and of course beneficial.DSC07336DSC07337

English as a subject is the most important and indeed the most prevalent with regards to weekly lessons within the English Programme here at Varee Chiangmai School.

The second most important subject is science.

The activity below  introduced the children to the topic of plants, which they will learn more about in detail once school starts academically in May.

The premise was to create a basic representation of a flower and label it, with of course the assistance of the English teacher.




The activity below was simple yet fun and involved the children creating and labelling the ASEAN country flag of their choice.


The images below show the children playing a maths game using the interactive whiteboard. The interactive whiteboard I believe, is one of the most invaluable educational resource available to an English Programme teacher and its varied applications are only limited by the teacher’s imagination.

This particular game involved a child with the very ‘vocal’ help of the entire class to put the eggs in order of the smallest to the largest. A great 10 minute introduction to any maths lesson.DSC07403DSC07404DSC07405DSC07406DSC07408DSC07410

Songkran Activities

The pictures below show the children of EP1 Red paying their respects to their ‘elder’ teachers and in turn being blessed by them.

The Songkran festival is not all about having fun with water which, in fact the children did do later that afternoon but it is in fact a time for sons and daughters to pay their respects to their parents, grandparents and other older members of their family.

ep1 redep1 redDSC07423teach in chiangmaiteacher chazteach chiangmai

I hope you enjoyed this first entry to the EP1 Red class of 2013’s blog.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s English language development than please do not hesitate to approach me personally or indeed E-mail me.

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

* All EP1 Red ‘Class Videos’ 


** All EP1 Red ‘Activities’


*** All EP1 Red ‘Works’


**** All EP1 Red ‘Creative Writings’


***** All EP1 Red ‘Summer Camps’




EP1 Red Activities ‘Class of 2012’


The images and movies below show only a fraction of the many unique and varied learning activities which the children of EP1 Red ‘Class of 2012’ participated in last academic year.

The First 5 Weeks in EP1 Red

During these initial weeks within the EP1 Red classroom the premise behind most of the lessons has been to go over the very basics. The children have covered phonics, blending (composition of words by reading or writing) and question words such as “what, why, where” and so on.

These question words are extremely important at this stage as they will form the basic scaffolding of their expansion and inquiry into their own understanding of the English language. It is with these question words and the children’s ability to apply them in spoken language, which will significantly catalyse their own language development. This will be done continuously by asking each other and the teacher questions in English.

The pictures below show the children of EP1 Red in groups of about 7 using flashcards to form accurate sentences which are dictated once by the English teacher.

teacher chaz

Teacher Chaz

varee chiangmai school

Teacher Chaz

Teacher Chaz

teacher chaz

Varee Chiang Mai School

In English recently the children were tested on their days of the week.

The pictures below show one of the varied fun ways they learnt to remember the days of the week.

The teacher shouts out 3  to 7 random days of the week and the groups of children must align them in order. The first group to do so gets a point.

In English another game which the children found immensely enjoyable was the “what’s this?” game. This was a simple pairs game where the a child took turns to ask their partner what type of stationary they were holding up. For example “what’s this? It’s a pencil.”

This game served the children to be able to correctly identify different items of classroom stationary.

In science the children of EP1 Red have covered the fundamental differences between living and non-living things. They are able to list those differences and explain them.

They are also able to state what living things need and their basic functions which define them as living. For example “living things need water. Living things can grow.”

The pictures below are of a lesson where the children of EP1 Red had to cut out pictures of living and non-living things and stick them into the correct half of a table and then label them.

Varee Chiangmai School
Living and Non-Living Things Cut Paste and Label Activity


Varee School

Wan Wan
Teacher Chaz
Model working hard

varee chiangmai school

EP1 Red working hard
teacher chaz
Andrew very happy at school

The next topic following on from living and non-living things was plants. The children are able to draw and label a simple representation of a flower and talk about the specific functions of those parts.

The children are currently able to differentiate between plants and trees with woody and soft stems.

They have recently completed a practical activity where they had to firstly draw a classification table and then walk around the grounds of Varee Chiangmai School filling the table with the types of vegetation they saw. This meant not only drawing the specific plant but labelling it and making sure it was in the correct portion of the table they had produced.  See the pictures below.

Teacher Chaz
Outdoor Plant Classification Activity

teacher chaz

Teacher Chaz

varee chiang mai school

Teacher Chaz

varee school

teacher chaz

Varee Chiangmai School



teacher chaz
Happy Earng with her book work finished
Happy EP1 Red Children

Finally in science the children are currently learning about different types of seeds and the types of plants they will grow into.

In CAT the children of EP1 Red have been learning about various types of clothing.

Firstly the children learnt about basic every day casual clothing and then they covered the various items of clothing which make up their school uniform.

The pictures below show the children sticking pasting and labelling various items of clothing in their CAT notebooks.

Varee School

teacher chaz

Varee Chiangmai School
Inch working hard
teacher chaz
Geol nearly finished.
Teacher chaz
Luka hard at work
                                                                                                        Kongkwan nearly finished
Kongkwan nearly finished
T-Jay concentrating hard
Varee Chiangmai
Superstar nearly done

Ploy very proud

Reading their notebooks will serve to aid in revision prior to their mid term tests.

The pictures below show the children taking part in a bookwork activity where they had to draw their own school uniform and label it.

In social the children are learning about the 5 major religions of the world today.

They are able to differentiate between the different places of worship (buildings) and the people of a specific faith who worship in them. For examples Buddhists pray in a Wat.

The children are also able to identify the main religious symbols and associate them to the 5 different places of worship according to the religion.

The pictures below show the children of EP1 Red playing a game with mini flashcards. The aim is to listen to the teacher and pair up the cards or order them according to what the teacher says.

In reading the children are now on their second reading book entitled The Enormous Turnip which they are taking home every day to read as part of their daily homework. They are also reading a different book which stays at school.

The current school reading book is entirely phonically based and aids in blending.

The reading book which they take home is a mixture of phonics and sight words.

This mix of reading allows the children to become more fluent readers quicker by being exposed to words they have to remember and recognise by sight and words which they have to be able to read a letter at a time.

In health the children are studying the various parts of the human body from the head/face down.

The emphasis here is not only to recognise and clearly (verbally) identify the various parts of the human body but to also spell them.

The pictures below show the children of EP1 Red pairing up and drawing each other than labelling the parts of their partner’s body.

Very recently in health the children of EP1 red took part in a barrier game.

A barrier game essentially is an activity involving at least 2 children whereby one individual has information which the other child must obtain by using the correct target vocabulary.

In this case the target vocabulary was “how many (body parts) has it got? “It has got (number) (body parts).

The first lesson involved the children producing the actual barrier game template which in this case was an outline of a monster which they had to fill in with whatever amount of body parts they wanted.

The next lesson the children were paired up and one child did the asking and the other child filled in a blank template and drew on the correct amount of body parts they heard from their partner.

once finished the pair would compare pictures to see if they were similar. Then they would swap their roles and the other child would do the asking.

As you can see from the images below this activity was very successful and fun was had by all.

In art the children of EP1 Red created a simple representation of a flower using coloured plastic film, coloured wool and coloured pencils.

They then labelled it.

Art in this case is an integrated subject which is connected to the same theme/topic studied in science.

EP1 Red with Teacher Chaz

Also in Art they have recently completed an accurate representation of a face using clay which included all the facial features they have been learning about in health.

Finally in Art the children very recently produced a seed plate.

The children were given a paper plate which they then had to stick and label 4 different types of seed onto.

This is an example of integrated learning as the children are currently learning about seeds in science.

Weeks 6 to 8 in EP1 RED

In social the children are seen in the images below revising the symbols which are associated with some of the major faiths of the world.

The children each had a mini-whiteboard and were asked to draw the symbol of a certain faith.

The mini-whiteboards are an invaluable educational resource and can be used in a multitude of different ways.

The children of EP1 Red really love it when they are asked to use these items as you can see from the images below.

The images below show the children using the mini-whiteboards to practice for their weekly spelling tests.

The children of EP1 Red are progressing through the Varee Chiangmai School Reading Programme well.

The images below show the children reading  inside and outside of the classroom.

In science the children have already learnt about the various parts of a plant.

The images below show the children completing a mini-book which allows them to learn and focus on specific parts of a plant.

Mini books not only allow children to write and colour but also allow them to read in groups or individually from what they have created.

The images below show the children of EP1 Red taking part in a writing, sticking and pasting activity in order to remember the days of the week.

This was a task carried out during their English lesson.

In CAT the children have learnt about table manners and how to set a table properly.

This learning culminated in the children producing a placemat which they were then able to take home and use (if they so wished).

Recently in art the children produced a multi-textured piece which contrasted the difference between good teeth and bad teeth.

In this specific lesson, art was integrated with what the children have been learning in health.

The children of EP1 Red produced some really impressive pieces of art.

See below.

Last Friday on the 6th of July the children took part in another example of integrated learning here on the Varee Chiangmai School EP1 Programme.

In science the children of EP1 Red are learning about different types of habitats.

They have just finished learning about the arctic and the types of animals which live there and how they are specially adapted to live in such cold extremes.

(teacher Chaz) just happen to be a very proud owner of a 1 year old Siberian Husky called Lucky, so I thought it would be a good idea to show the children first hand an animal which is well suited to live in such arctic conditions.

After explaining and discussing my dog’s special adaptations for example very thick double coat of fur, large furry ears, large padded paws and a very furry tail the children went on to draw him and then finally label his body parts.

As you can see from the images below this was an extremely popular activity and Lucky really loved (as all Siberian Huskies do) the attention from the kids.

Lucky the Siberian Husky posing (the wrong way!) for the children of EP1 Red.


Weeks 9 to 16 in EP1 Red

In English the children of EP1 Red have recently started a new activity which tests their writing, memory and comprehension skills.

The children of EP1 Red have read the story of the Ugly Duckling for around 2 weeks and were then asked to order the sequence of events which occur in the story by writing key sentences then drawing a picture which relates to it.

This is an exceptionally useful activity as it requires the children to skim read through the book in order to successfully recall the specific sentences they need to create the story map.

All the children of EP1 Red do this simple yet hugely beneficial activity at least once a week and as you can see from the images they really get into it!!

EP1 Red pupil drawing and filling in a story map.
Ryu working hard on his The Ugly Duckling story map.
Model working hard.

Completed The Ugly Duckling Story Map

The children also recently created a story map from reading the Dr Seuss classic “Go Dog Go”.

Completed Go Dog Go story map.
Completed The Ugly Duckling Story Map

In science the children of EP1 rounded off learning about vertebrates by cutting and colouring in the skeletons of popular vertebrates then sticking them into their project books and writing a sentence about them unaided.

Over these few weeks in Science the children of EP1 Red have also completed their studies on habitats and to finally wrap up this specific unit the children integrated the learning of this topic with art by dividing their project book into 4, sticking 3 pieces of coloured cut paper to represent a specific habitat and then drawing and labelling the animals which dwell there.

Habitat Art project

Tar always happy at school.
Example of one habitat square nearly complete.

Mi-Mi always working hard.

In Health the children have just completed their studies on the 5 senses and will this coming week move onto the topic of Healthy Foods and the food plate and its specific components.

Very recently the children of EP1 Red were involved in a school wide competition on the 2012 olympic games.

Their chosen country was Peru.

The children had to produce work which told people about the key facts about their chosen country.


Map/flag colours of Peru

Wan-Wan and Geol
Model and Ploy 2


In Social the children have finished off learning about the family by producing a beautiful “representation” of a family tree in their project books.


Beautiful Work!!!!

Proud Ping

In CAT the children completed their unit on The Rooms of the House by drawing a house with a ruler in their project books then labelling and colouring it.


varee school

varee school

teacher chaz

Finally in ART, which is primarily an integrated subject, which can be used to teach any of the topics covered in the English subjects listed above, the children created a representation of a fish using basic art materials and then labelled its parts.

(The children are currently in Science learning about all the different classifications of vertebrates. This includes mammals, fish, birds reptiles and amphibians.)

Completed Fish in Project Book.