Charity Donations For Underprivileged Children In Chiangmai (December 2017)

Dear ep1 red parents and guardians,

We are humbly asking you all to please donate a few items for the underprivileged hill tribe children of Chiangmai.

The age of the children and teenagers who will be receiving the donated items will range from 3 years old to 18 years old.

The following items would truly benefit them greatly:


Image result for used clothes


Image result for used toys



Image result for sanitary pads


Image result for used books


Image result for canned foods


Image result for stationery

Could you please donate as much as you can and pass them over to Kru Mini or me before next Friday the 15th of December.

The items you donate will change the lives of the children who will receive them.

Everyone deserves help and kindness.

Thank you!

Teacher Chaz and Kru Mini

4 thoughts on “Charity Donations For Underprivileged Children In Chiangmai (December 2017)

  1. Hello Teacher Chaz
    My name is Praew M1SEP1
    I can remember that when I was a little girl in ep1red with teacher Chaz and the other friends,Teacher Chaz he always helping me and and my friends when we had a problem or a question,Teacher Chaz he was a very very funny teacher when he teaches us teacher Chaz sometimes he will give us a very very funny examples,Teacher Chaz make me feel happy and…make me keep laughing for 30 seconds and…I know that sometimes I don’t listening to teacher Chaz very well i am very sorry.But I can remember that when teacher Chaz giving us a spelling test I mean 100 words spelling test and I got 99 scores teacher Chaz he says Great job!!! You know why I got 99 ? Because I was learning a new words from your little class or subject just 1 or 2 hours I learn many words from teacher Chaz and then I got many words.
    For the last thing that I wants to say in this comment is you are very good teacher,you was teaching me for 1 and a half year and I can remember that teacher Chaz he was calling me “Khun Mae” and I can’t remember why?
    Finally I wish that teacher Chaz will be happy and a good,funny teacher every years and every minutes.And thank you for a new words , good grades,good grammar , Thank you so much. I miss you teacher Chaz 👍🏻😍💕.

    • Hello Praew. Thank you very much for your lovely comment it has made me very happy. I am surprised that you still remember your time learning in ep1 red, especially since it was 7 years ago. I wish you every success in your education and I know that you will do very well in your life. Good luck and thank you again!!

  2. 안녕하세요 차즈선생님 ~~~
    저는 에스더 엄마입니다. 1년여 동안 수고해 주시고 사랑해 주셔서 감사드립니다.
    때론 엄하게 때론 친절하고 재미나게 신나게 가르쳐주셔서 감사드려요,
    1학년 담임선생님은 힘들고 일이 많타고 들었는데 선생님은 탁월하신거 같아요.
    덕분에 에스더가 신나게 1학년동안 별 문제 없이 학교생활을 잘 한것 같습니다.
    곧 헤어져야 되지만 좋은 선생님과 좋은 학교를 만나게 된것이 저희에겐 축복인거 같아요.
    시간이 지나도 선생님을 언제나 기억날 좋은 선생님으로 기억 될것 같습니다.
    감사드립니다. 차즈 선생님 사랑하고 축복합니다.
    앞으로도 건승하시고 하나님이 축복과 사랑이 늘 삶가운데 충만하시길 기도합니다.^^

    • Thank you very much for your beautiful kind words. I am honoured to have taught both of your daughters. I will miss Sarah and Esther very much. Thank you again!

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