EP1 Red Outside Our Classroom (November) Loy Krathong and Halloween 2017

Dear VCIS ep1 red parents and guardians,

Below are a few images of some of my class’s works up to date for this November here at Varee Chiangmai International School.

Please feel very welcome to view them at any time!


Also I have included a few images of ep1 red on Halloween and Loy Krathong.


I hope you enjoy the images.

Kind regards…Teacher Chaz.







* All EP1 Red ‘Class Videos’ 


** All EP1 Red ‘Activities’


*** All EP1 Red ‘Works’


**** All EP1 Red ‘Creative Writings’


***** All EP1 Red ‘Summer Camps’






2 thoughts on “EP1 Red Outside Our Classroom (November) Loy Krathong and Halloween 2017

  1. Dear Teacher Chaz,

    I would like to thank you very much indeed for your teaching Saru that he can change and develop his capabilities incredibly.

    Within 1 term period, Saru can speak, reading, writing, and his English skill is so well (From the kid who can’t communicate in English at the first time) his result is unexpected me in every subject. It’s not only he changes and develops about learning but also his discipline, responsibility, enthusiasm and punctuality. He’s happy and enjoys to learning and going to school. When he came back home he usually tell me about fun activities in the classroom.

    I do appreciate for your teaching in an integrated way. I knew immediately that you were planning and preparing for all the class. Students can learn and practical in the class. The media is interesting and memorable. Students are enthusiastic, fun and happy to learn. You have personal Ep1 red room blogs for communicate with teachers and parents also they can see the updated activities in class. I saw that you are so kind and not really strict with the students too much. Actually, you are a funny teacher you pay attention to everyone equally.
    I realize that you have to dedicate yourself to the preparation of each day, I saw from the video and notebook of Saru. It’s very interesting and help for remembering. You’re enthusiastically, happy to teach students relentlessly.

    Finally I think you have a real spirit to be a teacher. Saru loves and respects you and our family as well.

    Thank you so much for everything.

    Sincerely yours,
    Araya Rueangnim (Anny)
    Saru’s mum.

    • Dear Saru’s Mother. Reading your beautiful words have made me very happy indeed. It has been my honour and my pleasure to have taught young Saru. I wish you and your family all the very best in life. Thank you so much!!!

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