EFL Barrier Game on the Topic of Clothes (October 2017)

Dear VCIS ep1 red parents and guardians,

This is week 21 for the pupils of EP1 red here at Varee Chiangmai International School.


The YouTube video below shows the ep1 red children taking part in an extremely useful and fun activity referred to as a barrier game.

A barrier game is essentially a pair based communicative activity which allows each member of a pair to either ask or answer specific questions in order to gain specific information for the game to progress.



A barrier game usually focuses on spoken language and active listening comprehension although this particular barrier game also required a degree of reading, colouring in and a significant amount of writing.

This barrier game focused on 6 items of clothing, 6 different colours, the target word of ‘wearing’ and the indefinite article a.


Once the children had completed the barrier game they then went on to complete the exercise by writing up the sentences they had heard or spoken as responses.


During activities like this there is always a high degree of scaffolding available for those pupils who require it. For example during this exercise the colour words were typed on the worksheets in the colour they spelt. The clothing words were written on two classroom whiteboards with the drawings of the items of clothing next to them. Also more ‘experienced’ children were intentionally paired with those pupils whom would benefit from their assistance.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Kind regards…Teacher Chaz.

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