Communicative Approach Child Centred EFL Activity (August 2017)

Chaz Teacher

Dear ep1 red VCIS parents and guardians,

This speaking activity applies, pedagogically speaking a communicative approach whereby each child is using the language they have learnt, in a realistic and contextual and of course child centred way.


The children of ep1 red have just completed their learning about basic adjectives which they are using in this game to ascertain whom their partner’s chosen character is.


Promethean Interactive Whiteboard

The game is loosely based upon the classic family game ‘Guess Who’.

Even though our classroom could be regarded as quite ‘high tech’, the resources the children are using are ‘low tech’ and very simple in nature.


Activity Paper Enveloped in a Plastic Sleeve

Sometimes going back to basics is the best way for children to learn, and these types of simple yet creative and fun resources will never lose their fascination.


The ultimate goal of an EFL teacher after having taught their own pupils vocabulary grammar and learning strategies is for his/her pupils to be able to use the language they have acquired in a realistic way and indeed useful way.

Please note that this is not a one off activity the skills and knowledge the children are applying here are based upon previous learning, in this case English and Health (body parts) specifically.

I am extremely proud of my pupils and I hope that you enjoy the YouTube video.

Thank you for watching…Teacher Chaz.

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