Whole Class Participation Mini Whiteboard Reading Game (2017)

Chaz Teacher

Dear ep1 red VCIS parents and guardians,

This particular activity applies the use of the invaluable mini whiteboards which, in my humble opinion are one of the most simple, effective and versatile educational tools an EFL teacher has for very young learners.


The basic goal of this exercise is to find and write the page number of the passage being read out. Time is of the essence so the children have to skim read the text by memorising and retrieving certain key words they hear.

Image result for PETER AND JANE HAVE A GO 2B

EP1 Red’s Current Reading Book

The children in ep1 red are only 5, 6 and 7 years of age and for many of them it is their first real exposure to the English language in an academic context.

They have been in ep1 red for only 13 weeks now.


For this activity to be helpful the children must already be familiar with the text they are asked to read.

There are a multitude of skills which are being utilised and enhanced in this particular activity. Such as skim reading, reading, working memory, listening, writing, numeral writing to mention but a few.

As you can see ALL of the children are ACTIVE participants and enjoy this exercise immensely.

I hope you enjoy the YouTube video!

Thank you…Teacher Chaz

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