EP1 Red Number Words and Numerals 1 to 20 Activity (July 2017)

Chaz Teacher

Dear ep1 red VCIS parents and guardians,

The objective of this simple yet effective activity is to aid and enhance recognition between the number words from 11 to 20 and the corresponding numerals.


First the children were given a worksheet which had 10 sections on the left and also the right. The children wrote down the numbers from 11 to 20 on one side including small corresponding images. On the other side the children wrote down the number words.

They were able to refer to the whiteboard for the spelling of the number words.

The children then cut up the 20 segments and mixed them up and turned each segment upside down.

When each child was ready they were given 1 minute to quickly move to another desk, turnover the 20 segments and rearrange and pair them correctly.


This activity was carried out several times in one lesson where each child moved to a different desk each time.

This simple game can also be played in pairs or individually.

The key to EFL activities for young learners I feel, is that they should be quick, simple and engaging and should also employ a variety of skills.

I hope you enjoy the images and the YouTube video.

Thank you…Teacher Chaz.

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