EP1 Red The Ugly Duckling Story Map (June 2017)

Chaz Teacher

Dear ep1 red VCIS parents and guardians,

Very recently the children of ep1 red here at Varee Chiangmai International School produced beautiful story maps of their current reading book The Ugly Ducking.

Image result for The Ugly Duckling Ladybird

The children were given 6 random sentences from their reading book which were displayed on the interactive whiteboard.

The children then had to find the correct order in which the sentences occurred and write them into their story maps and then draw the appropriate illustrations.

Finally the children went on to colour their drawings.

Most of the children were able to do this activity.

For those children who did not get it right their first time, will get better at it in the future.

The key I feel to young learners esl activities is repeated attempts at similar if not the same activities.

This activity can be made more challenging by adding more random sentences from the book in question and by in turn adding more boxes to the worksheet.


As the children progress on wards through their first year of learning on the English Programme, I am certain that you will see at first hand, great improvements in their English language ability and fluency.

I hope you enjoy the images of the children’s work.


Please feel free to view them personally outside of our classroom amongst other works.

As always I am here to help you so if you have any questions or comments please approach me at any time.

Thank you…Teacher Chaz.

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