Welcome EP1 Red Parents 2017! My name is Teacher Chaz.

 Chaz Teacher


‘Native’ English Speaker

Intermediate Thai Speaker

Kingdom of Thailand Teacher’s License

*** Post Graduate Certificate in Education International (P.G.C.E.)

(Focus on ESL and EFL Learners)

The University of Nottingham

Thai Culture Certificate

The University of Payap

TEFL Certificate

*** BA (Honours) English Literature with Creative Writing

The University of Derby

*** A-Levels in English Language, English Literature and Biology

Dear EP1 Red VCIS, Parents and guardians,

My name is Teacher Chaz

I am the English Programme first grade teacher for EP1 Red, here at Varee Chiangmai International School.



I have worked at Varee Chiangmai International School for over 8 years now.

I started working at Varee Chiangmai International School within the Kindergarten department where I was a teacher, for in excess of 2 years.


Many parents will already be familiar with me because I would have taught their child before.

I will soon be embarking upon my seventh consecutive year, teaching as an English programme homeroom teacher.

My passion is the English language, English Literature and especially Creative Writing.

I would just like to say, that I am incredibly grateful for all of the support and comments I have received, from ep1 red parents and guardians over these past 6 years!



I was born raised and educated in the United Kingdom…


Flag of The United Kingdom

I teach English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Health, Career and Technology, Information Technology and Art to the same class of children.


Having fun outside with Kindergarten 2 using music. (2009)

varee school

Kindergarten 3 ‘Graduation’ Day (very proud). (2009)

My pedagogical ethos has always been to create stimulating lessons which, not only hold the interest of the children I teach but also empower them with confidence, so that they can then carry out tasks as individuals, or in groups with minimal guidance.

I constantly engage my pupils in a variety of different ways and to achieve this I avoid the over reliance on a single ‘learning theory’ or indeed teaching approach, as I sincerely believe I would be restricting their educational development by doing so.


Ep1 red integrated Social and Art class about the Arctic habitat with Lucky.

teacher chaz

teacher chaz

The ultimate premise behind all of my teaching is that my pupils, will be able to take and apply what they have learnt in my classroom, to then help them continue to learn new skills and concepts in others, as they progress on at Varee Chiangmai International School.

ep1 red

EP1 Red integrated Science and Art lesson on different materials. (2011)

Teacher Chaz

Miss. Ajarn Varee Patravanich (Director and Owner of Varee Chiangmai International School) with Teacher Chaz. (2009)

‘I truly, madly and deeply love teaching and I find every single working day to be an immensely satisfying, extremely rewarding and tremendously challenging experience!’

I am very proud and honoured to have worked at Varee Chiangmai International School for such a long and hugely enjoyable time.


Varee Kindergarten annual performance (The Little Mermaid.) (2009)

I am especially proud of and astounded by the creative writing my pupils have produced independently, every year.

Most of the children who enter into ep1 red, begin with no English language knowledge or ability whatsoever. This includes being unfamiliar with the alphabet and basic phonics.

Please click below to view their imaginative works!



Example of unassisted creative writing, after only 7 months of learning English in ep1 red!!

I am extremely familiar with the University of Cambridge Young Learners ESOL examinations, for which I have successfully prepared my past pupils for, and whom have achieved outstanding success.

(These assessments were carried out by an external team of Cambridge ESOL examiners.)

I am exceptionally proud of my pupils, whom have achieved so highly in the Cambridge English Young Learners Assessments.

‘To be able to teach my pupils to a globally recognised standard and for them to achieve so highly in these assessments, has been one of the many high points of my teaching career!!!’

I will always do my very best to ensure that my students continue to learn English in fun and varied ways.

Teacher Chaz

Ep1 Red Health Lesson On Different Food Groups. (2011)

Finally, I am always available to talk to during school hours so, if you have any questions, comments or concerns about your child then, please do not hesitate to approach me as I will be happy to help you!

Teacher Chaz

My Very Last Day Teaching in the Kindergarten Department. (2010)

 Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.


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