EP1 Red Practical Maths Class on Volume and Capacity (September 2016)

varee chiangmai school

Dear EP1 Red VCIS parents and guardians,

Below are a few images of today’s final maths lesson this term about volume and capacity.

All of the children were asked to bring in a plastic or metal container and were put into small groups.

They were first asked to estimate and write down the predicted volumes of their own containers and of their group members too.

The children even tried to act out and visualise how many cups of water it would take to fill the various containers.

Image result for liquid volume clipart


The standard by which to measure the various capacities were the Varee Chiangmai School cups, as they are all the same size.



The ep1 red children then went outside to actually measure and record the capacities of their own containers and those of their group members.

The children shared the data, to find out whose container held the least and the most in our class and to see whether their estimates were close to their actual measurements.




I hope you enjoy the images.

Fun was definitely had by all!

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.

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