Fruit Salad on Friday 11th December

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

This Friday the 9th of December the children of ep1 red will be making a fruit salad in their Careers and Technology class.

The children will be reading a recipe in order to make their delicious creations and will then follow this, by writing up the steps involved in a comic book style.

We would really be grateful if the pupil volunteers listed below could be able to bring in the following ingredients:


One pineapple each please.

Phop and Pancake



A bunch of bananas each please.

Pin and Jida



Two mangoes each please.

Kate and Asia



A punnet of strawberries each please. (2 small boxes)

Tonpai and Nadee

evaporated milk


A tin of evaporated milk each please.

Jom and Mijang


Three apples each please.

Momo and Leo

It is not necessary for every child in the class to bring in separate ingredients as a lot would inevitably be wasted.

I hope that the parents and guardians of the children mentioned above will be able to help ep1 red in their learning this Friday the 11th of December.

Thank you….teacher Chaz

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