EP1 Red Halloween Fun 2015 at Varee Chiangmai International School

varee chiangmai school

Dear EP1 VCIS parents and guardians,

Today at Varee Chiangmai International School all of the pupils and teachers were involved in fun Halloween activities around the school.

All of us had lots and lots of scary fun!

I hope you enjoy the images below.

Kind regards…Teacher Chaz.


DSC09234 DSC09235 DSC09236 DSC09237 DSC09238 DSC09239 DSC09240 DSC09241 DSC09243

teacher Chaz

Our Classroom was turned into a mini-cinema open to everyone which, showed Halloween animations.


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Halloween Activities at Varee Chiangmai International School 2015

Dear EP1 Red VCIS parents and guardians,

Next Friday the 30th of October 2015 the children of EP1 will be involved in fun Halloween activities here at Varee Chiangmai International School.

teacher chaz

We would like the children to arrive to school (early) already wearing their Halloween costumes and makeup, so they are all prepared to participate in the ‘scary’ games we have in store for them.

Teacher Chaz

P1 Green teacher Kru Em and teacher Chaz.

Could the children please have their school uniform packed in their school bags also, just in case.

The Halloween activities will commence after the children’s milk break at 1:45 pm.

Classes will run as normal during the morning and early afternoon class periods.

Finally we think the children would have much more fun if they were able to bring in some sweets/candy to go ‘trick or treating’ with and maybe also a small basket to store and collect their sweets/candy in.

ep1 red

Trick or Treat Basket For Sweets/Candy

Kind regards………Teacher Chaz.

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