teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

Below is the link to the EDUCATION CITY website.

Please click on it and save/bookmark it for future use.

The USERNAME and PASSWORD is located inside the front cover of your child’s blue homework diary.

1. TOP box enter your child’s USERNAME.

2. MIDDLE box enter your child’s PASSWORD.

3. BOTTOM box enter the country as THAILAND.

4. Choose MATHS (orange), SCIENCE (blue) or ENGLISH (green).

5. Click on GRADE 1.

6. Click on ACTIVITIES (looks like a puzzle)

At this stage please let the children just explore and play any Education City game they like.

If the game is too difficult the children should choose one that is easier.

The children will be given homework activities to complete from NEXT WEEK in addition to the homework in their homework booklets.

If you have any questions then please feel welcome to e-mail me at or alternatively speak to me personally.

Kind regards…teacher Chaz.

* All EP1 Red ‘Class Videos’ 


** All EP1 Red ‘Activities’


*** All EP1 Red ‘Works’


**** All EP1 Red ‘Creative Writings’


***** All EP1 Red ‘Summer Camps’


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