Mid-Term Revision Homework

teacher chaz

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

The EP1 teachers today have issued each pupil with a fun mini-homework booklet which will help them revise for the mid-term tests which will take place next week.

(Please click on the TESTS TIMETABLE link under the CATEGORIES section on the right side of this blog, for the mid-term assessment schedule.)

The homework booklet has tasks which vary in difficulty and the children have been encouraged to attempt all of them.

The homework booklet includes more than enough activities, which will keep the children busy for the next 4 days (excluding today’s homework).

varee chiangmai school

The children have also taken home their CAT, SOCIAL, HEALTH and SCIENCE NOTEBOOKS and have been asked to read them every day.

Reading their notebooks will help the children complete the activities in their new homework booklet.

The children have been instructed to only use their notebooks during the homework booklet activities, if they are finding them too difficult.

Could parents and guardians please ensure that their child brings their notebooks, their pink spelling book and homework booklets back to school next Tuesday .

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

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