Fancy Dress, Christmas Party, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Lights and Secret Santa (December 2013)

 teach in Chiangmai

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

 Could the children of EP1 Red please borrow a spare large (plastic) Christmas tree for our classroom?


We require it by Wednesday the 18th of December and we will return it at the end of the day this Friday the 20th which will also be the last day of mid-term 2.

Also we would really appreciate it if each EP1 Red child could please bring in one piece of Christmas tree decoration to decorate the Christmas tree with.

 English programme

Finally could we please borrow a few pairs of Christmas tree lights as well?

teacher chaz

This Friday the 20th of December there will be lots of Christmas activities taking place after the final tests. There will also be a Christmas party which will be held in the EP1 Red classroom.

If you like, your child can wear a ‘fairy tale/Christmas/super hero’ themed costume on this day. They should come to school already wearing their costumes.

teach in Chiang Mai

Grace and Ohm (Last Year’s Ep1 Red pupils)

There will also be a Secret Santa taking place during the classroom party.  Could each child please bring in a wrapped present with their name on it. Each child will be randomly paired up so that they can then  swap their gifts with one another.

teach in Thailand

Zeta and Kloaw (Lat Years’s Ep1 Red pupils)

Kru Mini and I feel that parents should not spend more than 100 Baht on a gift however you are of course  free to do so if you wish.

teacher Chaz

Baipor and Geol (Last year’s Ep1 Red pupils)

 Your support this Christmas will be extremely appreciated!

Thank you and kind regards…Teacher Chaz.

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