What Sound Does a Fox Make? (What Does a Fox Say?) September 2013

Chaz Teacher

Hello EP1 Red pupils,

We have already learnt about  different animal sounds but do you know what sound a Fox makes?

Maybe watching this video will help you find the answer!!!

Kind regards……. Teacher Chaz.

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50 Words Spelling Test Tomorrow (Monday 16th September)

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

This is just a reminder that the EP1 Red 50 words spelling test will take place tomorrow.

The score of the 50 words spelling test will make up part of your child’s overall English subject End of Term 1 marks.

teacher chaz

I will do my very best to have the test scores available to you by the end of  the school day on Tuesday the 17th of September.

Kind regards…..Teacher Chaz.