50 Word Spelling Test on Monday 16th September 2013

 teach in Chiangmai

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

There will be a 50 word end of term 1 spelling test which will take place on Monday the 16th of September 2013.

The 50 words list can be found in your child’s new English homework booklet which they will be receiving shortly.

The children of EP1 are already familiar with the words listed below as they have been tested on them in previous weekly spelling tests, specifically lists 1 to 5.

We would sincerely encourage parents/guardians to please practice all of the 50 end of term 1 spelling words with their children on a regular basis.

The 50 words spelling test score will go towards your child’s overall end of term 1 English score and is therefore an important component of his or her English language assessment.

If you have any further questions regarding the up and coming end of term 1 tests than please do not hesitate to approach me personally during school hours.

1. a bag 
2. a boy
3. a girl
4. an ant
5. a hat
6. a frog
7.  a dog
8. a cat
9. a fox
10. a pig
11. one
12. six
13. man
14. big
15. can
16. for
17. go
18.  in
19. me
20.  is
21. my
22. it
23. not
24. sun
25. you
26. up
27. run
28. we
29. all
30. but
31. at
32. do
33. get
34. out
35. say
36. yes
37. red 
38. black
39. green
40. brown
41. yellow
42. blue
43. pink
44. white
45. purple
46. orange
47. colour
48. rainbow
49. a plant
50. a flower


Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.

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