Weeks 1 to 4 in EP1 Red (June 2013)


Dear VCIS ep1 Red parents and guardians,

Below are descriptions and images of only a very few of the many fun and varied activities the children of EP1 Red have participated in during their first month as English Programme pupils here at Varee Chiangmai International School.

The pictures below show the children practicing for their weekly 12 word spelling test using the interactive whiteboard and their mini-whiteboards, proof that modern technology and low tech educational resources can be used in unison to teach.

The teacher dictates the word to be spelled and the children write it down on their mini-whiteboards. The spelling words are then checked by revealing the word using the interactive whiteboard. Children who do misspell the word have the opportunity to write it again after it has been revealed by the pupil ‘teacher’. The word is revealed letter by letter only when the children shout out first what letter comes next.

Images help the children remember and conceptualise the word they need to recall and spell.

Random children are chosen to be the teacher and direct the lesson. In this case it was Yok and Ronnie. Essentially the children are learning independently of the teacher, however this is the end product of their learning which, was of course originally coordinated by their English language teacher.

varee english programme

The spelling word is hidden and must be revealed using the interactive whiteboard pen. The children help by shouting out what letter comes next.

teacher chaz

Well done EP1 Red!!!


ep1 red

Children who do misspell the word write it again after it has been revealed by the pupil ‘teacher’.


 ep1 red

Yok is the teacher!


varee ep programme

Yok the teacher is revealing the spelling word to check it with the rest of the class. She reveals a letter only after the rest of the class have shouted it out.





 teacher chaz

Ronnie is the teacher!

teacher chaz

Ronnie the teacher is revealing the word to check if it is correct with the rest of the class. He only reveals the letters after the class have shouted it out.


In CAT the children are currently learning about different items of clothing. This particular activity shows the children cutting and sticking specific pictures of  clothing into their CAT notebooks and labeling them correctly.

teacher chaz

Lala a star Ep1 Red pupil.

Varee School English programme

Narak and Yok love EP1 Red.

ep1 red

Minnie working hard.

ep1 red

Kenny is always happy in EP1 Red

EP1 Red

Phupha, Pim 2 and Smart are having fun!

schools in chiangmai

Keaw is a very good pupil!

varee school

Lidia is always smiling whilst she works.


ep1 red

Mr. Ranchu!

varee English Programme

Junu always finishes his work first. Well done Junu!

varee school

Brewer working hard.

teacher chaz

Sun and Ling concentrating hard.

ep1 red

Naka has nearly finished.

teacher chaz

Jar always works hard every day!


Benji is nearly finished.

english programme chiangmai

Yok has finished. Well done.


Nicha, Earn, Keaw and Minnie are done!

ep1 red

Benji, Jar and Ranchu are finished!

varee school

Naka, CC and Kenny show teacher Chaz their notebooks. Well done!

teacher Chaz

Fahrung, Smart and Sun are pleased with their work. Well done.


Neui, Lala, Ronnie, Pim and Phupha

Chiangmai English Programme

Narak and Kara are excellent pupils!!!


varee chiangmai school

In Health the children have learnt about the various parts of the body and are now focusing on the different features of the face. In this particular activity the children cut, pasted and labelled a picture of themselves in the Health notebooks.

teach in Chiangmai

English programme Chiangmai

English programme Thailand

Varee school English programme

ep1 red

teacher chaz

Narak and Yok are inseparable!!!

varee school

Mr. Bodhi and Minsok always work together.

ep1 red

Kenny was working so hard he didn’t notice teacher Chaz taking this picture!

Varee School

Isaac and Tonmai working hard as usual.

English Programme Chiangmai

Kara is too busy to smile but that’s a good thing!

Varee School

Lala always takes her work seriously! Well done Lala!


The newest member of the EP1 Red team, Sonny from Wigan in the United Kingdom. Welcome to EP1 Red sonny…from Teacher Chaz.

ep1 red

What’s Benji looking at?


Mr. Jar

teach in Chiangmai

Isaac is very focused!

english programme Thailand

Hello Neui and Lidia!




ep1 red

Fahrung always works hard!

varee school


Varee Chiangmai School

Hello Trong!


Mini has a beautiful smile!

Varee English Programme


ep1 red

Fahrung and Miss. Asia.

 teacher chaz

varee chiangmai school

 teacher chaz

teacher chaz

 varee chiangmai school

In Science the children have just finished learning about living and non-living things the images below show you some of their book work.

First and foremost they needed to be able to identify what specific characteristics determine living things as living.

teach in thailand

teach in Chiang Mai

In this Science activity the children had to read the words given by their teacher and determine whether they were living or non-living things and then write them into their classification table which they made using a ruler.

teacher chaz

Living Things and Non-living things classification table

varee chiangmai school

 teach in thailand

This is another Science activity where the children of EP1 Red had to cut, paste , classify and name a ‘thing’.

They had created the classification table themselves using a ruler.

ep1 red

ep1 red

ep1 red


teach in thailand

 teach in chiangmai

In Science the children are currently learning about plants. In the images below the children have drawn a basic representation of a flower and labelled it.

teach in Chiang Mai


teacher chaz

 teach in Chiangmai

ep1 red

teach in Chiangmai

I hope you enjoyed this installment of the EP1 Red blog.

Again I have to mention that this is a snapshot, so to speak of what the children are learning in Ep1 Red on a weekly basis and should not be regarded as a comprehensive account of your child’s English language learning.

Kind regards……..Teacher Chaz.

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5 thoughts on “Weeks 1 to 4 in EP1 Red (June 2013)

  1. Trong enjoyably shared me how he got fun during teacher Chaz class, he really happy to learn with teacher Chaz. Thank you so much.

  2. narak能在这种环境学习,真的很高兴。希望它能和ep1red的每一位同学成为好朋友

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