Important Dates for Term 1

 Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

Below are listed several dates which you may like to take note of:

– Teacher Respect Day (Wan Wai Khru) for Primary/Prathom – 27th June

– Mid-Term Tests  17th – 19th July

– Varee EP Academic Competition – July (Specific date yet to be confirmed)

– Buddhist Lent Holidays (Khao Phansa) 22nd – 23rd July

– The Queen of Thailand’s Birthday Activities & Sports Day 9th August

– HRH Queen Sirikit’s Birthday. Holiday 12th August

– English Programme End of Term Tests 19th – 20th September

– Thai End-of-Term Tests  23rd – 27th September

– Last Day of Term 27th September!

For more information please visit the Varee Chiangmai School website at:

Kind regards……Teacher Chaz.

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