School Starts on Wednesday 7th of May

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents and guardians,

The academic year starts on Wednesday the 8th of November.

Can you please ensure your child has the following school items as it will certainly benefit their learning.

Can you please also make sure that your child brings all of these items of stationery to school everyday.

1. Pencils

Teacher Chaz

2. Ruler 30 cm long

Teacher Chaz

3. Rubbers/erasers

Teacher Chaz

4. Pencil sharpener

Teacher chaz
Pencil Sharpener

5. Coloured pencils

Teacher Chaz
Coloured Pencils

6. Glue stick

Teacher Chaz

7. Latex Glue


8.  Whiteboard markers

Teacher Chaz
Whiteboard Markers

9. Whiteboard rubber/eraser

Teacher Chaz
Whiteboard Rubber/Eraser

10. Scissors

Teacher Chaz

11. x7 Spare English notebooks

Teacher Chaz
English Notebook

Ensuring your child has all of the basic stationery listed above will greatly benefit their education in the EP 1 classroom.

Kind regards……………………………Teacher Chaz.

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