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 Body Parts Group Activity

Summer Camp at Varee Chiangmai School is a much more informal time for the EP1 Red pupils and it is promoted as a mandatory requirement for new EP1 children to attend, as it gives these post-kindergarteners the opportunity to casually ease into the EP1 programme and more importantly to get to know each other and make new long-lasting friendships!
teach in Asia
Science (Integrated with Art) symmetry activity
varee chiangmai school
Daily End of the School Day, ‘Classroom Cleaning’ Activity
varee school

I will aim to put up as many images and posts to ensure that you remain informed about what your child is learning in EP1 Red as well as any other important information, dates or requests.

As you may already be aware the major theme for this years Varee Chiangmai School Summer Camp was ‘ASEAN Adventure’.

 teach in Asia
Flag of ASEAN

The aim of this theme was to not only make the children aware of  the basic concept of ASEAN and the countries which it includes but more importantly, to teach and explore in a basic yet fun way the culture, traditions, foods and indeed popular interests that make up the very different ASEAN nations.

This particular entry of the EP1 Red blog will convey to you only a small portion of what the children have been actually doing during  my 2 weeks teaching/guiding them.

Unfortunately I am unable to write and post images which will include all the  learning activities that your child will take part in during their time in my class. So please keep in mind that this blog is not a comprehensive account of what your child is learning, in fact it will only be somewhat of a ‘snapshot’ of what they are doing on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

The pictures below show the children having to colour the 10 ASEAN country flags correctly and label them accordingly. An activity the majority of the EP1 Red pupils can do without reference.

DSC07321DSC07322 - CopyDSC07323 - CopyDSC07324 - CopyDSC07325 - CopyDSC07326 - CopyDSC07327DSC07328DSC07329DSC07330DSC07332DSC07333

The last thing that children want to do once they have finished their work is nothing! So those who are slightly ahead of their friends are encouraged to choose a book they like and read until the whole class can move onto the next fun activity. Even if at this stage reading in English may not be completely familiar, just connecting images to text is very important and of course beneficial.DSC07336DSC07337

English as a subject is the most important and indeed the most prevalent with regards to weekly lessons within the English Programme here at Varee Chiangmai School.

The second most important subject is science.

The activity below  introduced the children to the topic of plants, which they will learn more about in detail once school starts academically in May.

The premise was to create a basic representation of a flower and label it, with of course the assistance of the English teacher.




The activity below was simple yet fun and involved the children creating and labelling the ASEAN country flag of their choice.


The images below show the children playing a maths game using the interactive whiteboard. The interactive whiteboard I believe, is one of the most invaluable educational resource available to an English Programme teacher and its varied applications are only limited by the teacher’s imagination.

This particular game involved a child with the very ‘vocal’ help of the entire class to put the eggs in order of the smallest to the largest. A great 10 minute introduction to any maths lesson.DSC07403DSC07404DSC07405DSC07406DSC07408DSC07410

Songkran Activities

The pictures below show the children of EP1 Red paying their respects to their ‘elder’ teachers and in turn being blessed by them.

The Songkran festival is not all about having fun with water which, in fact the children did do later that afternoon but it is in fact a time for sons and daughters to pay their respects to their parents, grandparents and other older members of their family.

ep1 redep1 redDSC07423teach in chiangmaiteacher chazteach chiangmai

I hope you enjoyed this first entry to the EP1 Red class of 2013’s blog.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s English language development than please do not hesitate to approach me personally or indeed E-mail me.

Kind regards….Teacher Chaz.

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