Please encourage your child to read and write in English over the Summer holiday

Chaz Teacher

Dear Ep1 Red Parents and Guardians,

The Summer holiday is a really long time for children to easily forget a lot of their English language knowledge, skills and abilities.

I would sincerely advise all parents and guardians to regularly encourage, oversee and indeed join their child, in reading all of their English notebooks.

(Family and Friends class book, Family and Friends work book, Science, Health, Social and CAT notebooks.)

 EP1 Red

Please Read With Your Child.

Two months without reading in English will make it more challenging for your child to begin their English language learning in EP2.

I truly believe that as little as 10 to 20 minutes of English reading everyday or very regularly, especially relating to what the children have learnt in EP1 Red, will be of huge benefit to them when they resume their schooling in May 2013.

If parents and guardians have more time to spare after the 10-20 minutes of reading than I would humbly advise you all to encourage your child to write freely on A4 (AC) paper about whatever he or she is interested in and then have the text read back to you. Parents and guardians could also, maybe even ask their child questions relating to their written text which he or she must of course answer in English or your child could even translate orally what they have written, into Thai.

Unfortunately if skills and knowledge are not used regularly then they will inevitably decline.

Thank you all very much and I look forward to seeing you all once again very soon.

Kind regards……………Teacher Chaz.

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