Revision Guidelines for EP1 End of Year Tests 2013

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Parents/guardians,

Listed below is all that your child needs to revise and be familiar with, for the up coming Varee Chiangmai School end of year tests.

The teachers of EP1 will be sending their respective children home with all the necessary books and materials on a daily basis in order to revise for their tests.

I strongly urge all parents to please spend a significant amount of time overseeing and helping their child with their revision, as this will most certainly help in their child obtaining excellent results.

The end of year tests are based on all that your child has learnt during their whole year in EP1 so they are extremely important.

Finally could all parents please, please, please ensure that their child is brought to school early, well before the first lesson of the day starts, at least until all English and Thai test dates have passed.

All the children will be engaged in daily revision sessions and missing out on any one of these, even partially, will be of  huge disadvantage to them.

I want all the children in EP1 Red to do extremely well in their tests and parents and guardians can certainly help with this also.

Thank you for your understanding.


Spelling 100 words

Vocabulary and grammar from the Family and Friends English course book.


1. Counting numbers in the order of:

   – 1’s:- 0-50 forwards/ & backwards    – 2’s:- 0-50 forwards/ & backwards

   – 3’s:- 0-30 forwards/ & backwards     – 5’s:- 0-150 forwards/ & backwards

2. Odd and Even numbers

3. How many: – reliably count up to 30 objects

4. Between: – to know the number between any given 2 numbers.

5. More than less than and equal to: – to know the symbols and

    where to use them.

6. Know how to use a number line.

7. Read and match numbers in their written form.

8. Ordering numbers to 100.

9. Place value- tens and ones.

10. Money: – breaking up a sum using smaller change.          – shopping and change.

11. Time: – Read the time to the hour and half hour.             – Understand time in written language.

12. Measurements: – heavier than/ lighter than, longer than/  shorter than, taller than/ shorter than.

13. Multiplication: – Grouping objects                            – Multiple addition                        – Multiplying



Living things and Non-living things, Parts of a Flower, Animal Sounds, Animal Movements, Habitats, Vertebrates and Invertebrates, Weather, Materials, and The Solar System. All the material your child needs to revise can be found in his/her Science notebook.


Clothes, Rooms of the house, Chores, Things in my bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, flags. All the material your child needs to revise can be found in his/her CAT notebook.



Parts of the Body, The 5 Senses, Healthy Foods (The Food Plate) and Road Signs. All the material your child needs to revise can be found in his/her Health notebook.



Religions, Family Tree, Occupations, Compass directions, Continents and Oceans. All the material your child needs to revise can be found in his/her Social notebook.


Kind regards………………..Teacher Chaz.

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