EP1 Red Christmas Secret Santa! (December 2012)

varee chiangmai school

Dear ep1 Red VCIS parents and guardians,

Here are the pictures of the secret santa on the last day of school before the Christmas holidays, here at Varee Chiangmai International School..

I hope you enjoy!!!!

Kind regards…Teacher Chaz.

teacher chaz

Ying and Tim

teacher chaz

Tim and Ying

varee school

Ploy 2 and Andrew


Andrew and Ploy 2

teaching in chiangmai

Inch and Ryu

teaching in chiangmai

Ryu and Inch

teacher chaz

Earng Earng and T-Jay

teaching in thailand

T-Jay and Earng Earng

teacher chaz

Ping and Chokun

teaching in thailand

Chokun and Ping

teaching in chiangmai

Mamaow and Enzo

Ep1 Red

Enzo and Mamaow

teaching in Thailand

Kongkwan and Tar

teach in Thailand

Tar and Kongkwan

teach in chiangmai

Tontan and Simon

teaching in Thailand

Simon and Tontan

ep1 red

Mi-Mi and Luka

teacher Chaz

Luka and Mi-Mi

Ep1 Red

Zeta and Klow

teach in Thailand

Klow and Zeta

Ep1 Red

Grace and Ohm

teach in Chiang Mai

Ohm and Grace

Teacher Chaz

Aun Aun and Jaokwan

teach in Thailand

Jaokwan and Aun Aun

teacher Chaz

Bifern and Geol

teacher Chaz

Geol and Bifern

teacher Chaz

Wan-Wan and Nathan

teacher Chaz

Nathan and Wan-Wan

teach in Chiangmai

Julie and Model

teach in Chiangmai

Model and Julie

teacher Chaz

Tonkaow and Kaya

teacher Chaz

Kaya and Tonkoaw

teacher chaz

Ploy and Pond

teach in Chiangmai

Pond and Ploy

I am missing my pupils very much and I hope them all a very Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards…………Teacher Chaz.

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