Secret Santa Children (2012)

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents/guardians,
These are the following pairs of children who will be giving Christmas gifts to one another this Friday the 21st of December .

Pond and Ploy 1

Kaya and Tonkaow

Julie and Model

Nathan and Wan

Geol and Bifern

Jao-Kwan and Aun

Ohm and Grace

Klow and Zeta

Luka and Mi-Mi

Simon and Tontan

Tar and Kongkwan

Enzo and Mamaow

Chokun and Ping

T-Jay and Earng

Ryu and Inch

Andrew and Ploy 2

Tim and Ying

The gifts do not have to cost much.

Kru Mini and I believe that parents should not have to spend more than 100 Baht, however this is entirely up to you.

Kind regards…………….Teacher Chaz.

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