Charity Fund Raising For Underprivileged Children In Chiangmai (November 2012)

Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red VCIS parents/guardians,

On Friday the 21st of December 2012 (the last day of school before the Christmas holidays) there will be many fun educational activities and projects which will be taking place in and around the grounds of Varee Chiangmai International School.

On this day I will be bringing into school  my motorcycle and side car, along with a familiar friend (Lucky) and my newest friend Bella the puppy!!!!

varee school

Teacher Chaz’s motorcycle and sidecar.

The reason I will be bringing in my sidecar is that I will be giving Varee Chiangmai School pupils (who are interested) a short tour/ride around the grounds of our beautiful school.

varee school

Bella and Lucky cant wait to go to Varee Chiangmai School!

The ride will cost the small sum of  10 Baht per pupil and all the money  collected on the day will go towards buying stationary and other invaluable educational materials for the underprivileged hill tribe children who live and learn in schools within the region of Chiangmai.

varee chiangmai school

Bella and Lucky

I sincerely hope that a lot of money is raised, as education is a vital luxury that every child deserves, unconditionally!!!!

Kind regards……………………Teacher Chaz.

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26 thoughts on “Charity Fund Raising For Underprivileged Children In Chiangmai (November 2012)

    • Hello Luka
      Thank you for your comment. No problem you can ride in my sidecar with Bell and Lucky on the 21st of December. See you tomorrow for the spelling test……Teacher Chaz.

    • Hello Earng,

      Thank you for your beautiful comment. I will be happy to take you in my sidecar with Lucky and Bella. See you tomorrow for the spelling test………….Teacher Chaz.

  1. Dear Teacher Chaz,
    We would like to make a reservation for Zeta Zato Dad and Mom 4 persons for a short tour at varee chiangmai school,please. We would like to enjoy our trip in 100 hundred baht.
    Thank you for your kindness.
    Zeta’s family

    • Dear Teacher Chaz,
      😉 We will let the kids are enjoying, we would not like to break your side car due to my heavy weight. ^__^ We are very happy to join and follow your activities.
      We are all Love YOU.
      Zeta Zato Dad and Mom

  2. I like your project teacher Chaz. Can I join by donate some stationary and educational materials.Please tell me a detail such as a number of children, and their age.

    • Hello Jaokwan’s mom,

      I am as yet uncertain as to how many children will be receiving the funds raised on the 21st of December. Your support in purchasing stationary items I am sure will be much appreciated!!!! Thank you for your kindness and support………Teacher Chaz.

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