Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Parents/guardians,

This morning some of you approached me with an envelope containing money in order to thank me for the free lessons which I held last Saturday and Sunday.

Firstly I am sincerely thankful that you appreciated these free lessons.

Secondly the lessons were solely for the benefit of my pupils and for this reason I will not accept any money for last week’s lessons however I do truly appreciate the generous gesture.

My job is to teach the children of EP1 Red and I love my job very much!!!

Kind regards and thank you………..Teacher Chaz.


    • Dear Mamaow’s Dad, thank you for you supportive kind words. I truly love my job. Mamaow is a very good pupil and I know she will continue to do well. Kind regards………..Teacher Chaz.

    • Dear Nathan’s Mum,
      I am very happy that Nathan enjoyed the field trip. He is a very polite and good little boy. If you have any questions about his English language development than please feel free to talk to me. Thank you……….Teacher Chaz.

  1. Teacher Chat I appreciate your support on this. I’m more confident that I choose the right school for my kids.

    Geol Gineer’s Dad

    • Dear Mr. Gineer, I am very happy to have your full support and trust in teaching Geol.
      As you are already aware I taught Geol when he was in kindergarten 2 and I am extremely happy with the progress he has made in the EP1 Red classroom.
      Kind regards…………Teacher Chaz.

  2. Dear Teacher Chaz,

    We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your hard dedicated this term. Zeta particularly loves your classroom and always happy. We are so attempted that you were Zeta’s teacher this year. Thank you very much for taking the time to help her. Within four months,Zeta has developed a better way to go in most. And thanks for the good advice for adults on the subject, children should not eat dessert, should go to bed early, training children to be more responsible, teach children discipline, etc. These we have neglected to watch our children. Zeta loves you since you were the first English teacher in Kindergarten. Zeta fortunately, you were the first English teacher and sparked her to interested to learn in English language. Have the courage to speak and today toward foreigners. You certainly did not disappoint! We would like to attempt that you will be Zato’s teacher next year. We are greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your kindness again

    Best regards,
    Zeta’s family

    • Dear Zeta’s family,
      Thank you so very much for your beautiful comments!
      I love my job very much and it is comments like yours which add to my love for my occupation as an English language teacher.
      I have always tried my very hardest to be the best teacher possible for all of my pupils not just academically but also in regards to good manners, respect, healthy eating (although I do not follow this one too well as I am a little bit over weight!!) and how to behave accordingly inside and outside the classroom.
      These are my own personal “life experiences/lessons” which I have learnt from my own Mother and Father and I am thankful for their teachings.
      Zeta is a very confident, intelligent and outspoken little girl who is doing very well in the EP1 Red classroom especially her English speaking.
      I have very fond memories of teaching Zeta in kindergarten and I know she has come a very long way since then.
      I am certain that Zeta will continue to do well in both her Thai and English subjects.
      Thank you again for your very positive comments.
      It is comments such as yours which make me extremely happy and proud to be a teacher in this beautiful country of Thailand.
      Kind regards…………Teacher Chaz.

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