Weeks 9 to 16 in EP1 Red (September 2012)

varee chiangmai school

Dear ep1 red VCIS Parents and guardians,

Below are some of the many varied lessons your children took part in during weeks 9 through to 16 here at Varee Chiangmai International School.

I hope you enjoy!

In English the children of EP1 Red have recently started a new activity which tests their writing, memory and comprehension skills.

The children of EP1 Red have read the story of the Ugly Duckling for around 2 weeks and were then asked to order the sequence of events which occur in the story by writing key sentences then drawing a picture which relates to it.

This is an exceptionally useful activity as it requires the children to skim read through the book in order to successfully recall the specific sentences they need to create the story map.

All the children of EP1 Red do this simple yet hugely beneficial activity at least once a week and as you can see from the images they really get into it!!

EP1 Red pupil drawing and filling in a story map.

Ryu working hard on his The Ugly Duckling story map.


Model working hard.

Completed The Ugly Duckling Story Map

The children also recently created a story map from reading the Dr Seuss classic “Go Dog Go”.

Completed Go Dog Go story map.

Completed The Ugly Duckling Story Map

In science the children of EP1 rounded off learning about vertebrates by cutting and colouring in the skeletons of popular vertebrates then sticking them into their project books and writing a sentence about them unaided.

Over these few weeks in Science the children of EP1 Red have also completed their studies on habitats and to finally wrap up this specific unit the children integrated the learning of this topic with art by dividing their project book into 4, sticking 3 pieces of coloured cut paper to represent a specific habitat and then drawing and labelling the animals which dwell there.

Habitat Art project


Tar always happy at school.

Example of one habitat square nearly complete.


Mi-Mi always working hard.




In Health the children have just completed their studies on the 5 senses and will this coming week move onto the topic of Healthy Foods and the food plate and its specific components.

Very recently the children of EP1 Red were involved in a school wide competition on the 2012 olympic games.

Their chosen country was Peru.

The children had to produce work which told people about the key facts about their chosen country.


Map/flag colours of Peru

Wan-Wan and Geol


Model and Ploy 2



In Social the children have finished off learning about the family by producing a beautiful “representation” of a family tree in their project books.


Beautiful Work!!!!

Proud Ping

In CAT the children completed their unit on The Rooms of the House by drawing a house with a ruler in their project books then labelling and colouring it.



varee school

varee school

teacher chaz

Finally in ART, which is primarily an integrated subject, which can be used to teach any of the topics covered in the English subjects listed above, the children created a representation of a fish using basic art materials and then labelled its parts.

(The children are currently in Science learning about all the different classifications of vertebrates. This includes mammals, fish, birds reptiles and amphibians.)

Completed Fish in Project Book.

Thank you for visiting the EP1 Red blog.

I would just like to state again that the images in this blog only show a fraction of how the children have been learning within the EP1 Red classroom.

If you have any questions regarding your child’s English language development than please do not hesitate to approach me during school hours.

Kind regards………………Teacher Chaz.

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