EP1 Field Trip to Bo Sang Umbrella Village on Tuesday the 4th of September

Chaz Teacher

Dear Ep1 Red parents/guardians,

The EP department at Varee Chiangmai School is pleased to announce that on Tuesday the 4th of September the children of EP1 will be going on a field trip to Bo Sang Umbrella village.

The reason for this field trip is to educate the children on the importance of Thai arts and handicrafts which are unique to the North of Thailand specifically Chiangmai.

The students will leave school on the  morning of Tuesday the 4th of September at 8:15am and then return back to school for lunch at 11:30am.

The children of EP1 Red have been given a letter today which must be filled in by you.

It must be signed whether you would like your child to go on the field trip or not.

If the letter is returned and not signed or not returned it will be presumed that you do not give permission for your child to attend.

Can all parents/guardians please ensure that the permission slip is returned to either myself or Kru Mini no later than by the end of the school day on Monday the 3rd of September.

Kind regards……………………..Teacher Chaz.

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