Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 parents/guardians,

At the end of the school day today the children of EP1 red were given their end of mid-term Thai and English subject grades.

The grades have been printed on a Varee Chiangmai School headed piece of  A4 paper.

This report paper must be signed by you and returned to Kru Mini by the end of the school day tomorrow (Friday 17th August).

The academic report paper also has a section which allows you to write and submit a few comments if you so wish.

It would really be helpful if those parents/guardians whom I have as yet not met could write down a few comments as this would give Kru Mini and myself a helpful insight into how you feel your child is doing and if there is anything that we as home room teachers could possibly improve.

As always Kru Mini and myself can be approached personally during school hours should you wish to talk to us.

Kind regards………………..Teacher Chaz.

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