Chaz Teacher

Dear EP1 Red parents/guardians,

The children of EP1 Red and EP1 Blue will by the end of this week be engaging in weekly projects.

They are currently already doing a lot of project work but alongside these projects they will now have one project book which they will use for all of their English subjects.

This project book is much larger than a normal size notebook meaning that the children will be able to fit much more writing/drawings/paintings and artwork onto one page.

New Project Book


New Project Book

Could all EP1 Red parents/guardians please buy their child a project book like the ones seen in the images above by the end of this week.

The book costs only 18 Baht and can be purchased from the school shop in the school canteen.

If you have any further questions than please do not hesitate to approach me during school hours.

Kind regards……………………….Teacher Chaz.

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